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Thursday 16 January 2020, 8pm, Muntpunt Grand Café

This is a special edition of Snug Harbor – Brussels, to get us through the cold month of January. We’re going back to basics. We’ll get together and share some beauty. We bring candlelight, you bring something you love. It can be anything you like: poetry or prose, written in any language, by you or someone else. Whatever it is you’d like to share with us in these cold winter months.

We’ll sit together, read to each other, flicker in candlelight, and create a warm space out of words. Don’t worry if you feel too shy. Just bring a text you love, and we’ll read it for you.

Bobby Sayers will close the evening for us. Bobby Sayers is an English poet, artist and curator, based in Rotterdam. A graduate of Piet Zwart Institute, his work is exhibited internationally. To our Snug Harbor, he will bring poetry from his latest publication, ‘A Place Where I Didn’t Feel I Belonged’.

Until then, keep warm. Deploy blankets, books, and bathtubs. It’s necessary. Love you all.