Mimi Kunz

Mimi Kunz is an artist-writer who works with ink and paper. Her drawings, installations, and her writing link things in simple forms to open up poetic ambiguity. She moved to Brussels after a post MA at the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe, Germany. Her poems and stories have been shown in performances, art book editions, and magazines. After writing a story set in a utopian future in Molenbeek (in The Circle, Harvard Square Editions) she started 2019 on a new project writing a monthly portrait of the city, while continuing to work on a novel about a time jumper and an angel, and a series of circle poems. Her visual practice has brought her to residencies and exhibitions in Scotland and Vietnam. For this year she is planning a group exhibition that brings together art and poetry, and will show works under the title “Leaf to Landscape” in Brussels and Sydney.

To find out more visit www.mimikunz.com

Pic by Maite Morren