9 April 2020: Snug in PJs – With Alma Gottlieb, Philip Graham, and You

OK, we did not expect to have this event online. But COVID-19. Initially, our evening with Alma and Philip was going to happen on 12 March 2020. We were blessed to have dinner together on the 11th, the last night out and about for many of us in Brussels. Alma and Philip ended up fleeing our beautiful city in the middle of the night, following a phone call from their daughter, who informed them Trump was banning all flights from Europe to the US starting Friday 13 March. Not that it made much of a difference. On 12 March all events were canceled in Belgium. We went into lockdown right after. So we did what we always do at Snug Harbor (because why the hell else do it): we experimented with the format. We’re terribly grateful Alma and Philip were equally excited to have the event on Zoom, because what a night it was. Somehow, it felt even more intimate. We met each other’s cats and babies (Hi, Philomena!). We saw your pictures on the wall. We hung out in PJs. Because it was online, some of you could actually tune in from the UK, Italy, and the US. And after the event we had our drink together just the same. We talked about the meeting of worlds and cultures, including in the time of COVID-19. Alma and Philip read, and so did four of you from the audience. Contacts were exchanged. We had no idea such connection was possible online. We needed this evening more than we realized. For lack of other words: THANK YOU.