23 April 2020 | Snug in PJs: Let’s Share That Sh*t | With Lydia Davis, Yelena Schmitz and Arno Boey

We needed a while to recover from this. Lydia Davis, who opened the evening, unexpectedly stayed for the whole event and listened to everyone in the audience share your stories and poems. (She had her eyes closed much of the time, nodding along, and sent us a kind e-mail afterwards saying the multitude of languages was such a trove.) Then so much generosity from everyone who shared, in Tamazight, Persian, Bulgarian, French, Dutch, Spanish – the list goes on. No words. And that moving closing performance by Yelena Schmitz and Arno Boey, so close to the reality we were all living during the COVID-19 lockdown. Precisely for that reason: thank you all, so much, for showing up and sharing that moment of beauty with us.